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University of Connecticut Neag School of Education Department of Kinesiology

Exercise Science

Undergraduate Application Process

What should all students know about the undergraduate Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning application process?

Students apply to the program during their sophomore year. After completing their sophomore year, undergraduate students typically require two years of full-time study (including a summer internship for Strength and Conditioning majors). All programs are academically competitive. Please ensure that you meet the requirements of the program to which you are applying. In addition, all programs look beyond academic work during the admissions process.

When should I apply?

Undergraduate applications are due February 1. Students apply in February of their sophomore year (4th semester) to begin the program in the fall of their junior year (5th semester).

What are the admissions requirements for undergraduates?

Successful candidates typically have a GPA above 3.0 and competitive grades (B or higher) in Biological and Physical Science Prerequisites.

Our policy states:

  1. The faculty of the Department of Kinesiology admits only the most qualified applicants. The number of applicants admitted into a concentration may vary, but only 10-15 students will be admitted into most concentrations.
  2. The successful applicant shall have completed most of the suggested courses listed for the first three semesters of the desired concentration. Please see the “Guidelines and Sample Semester Sequence” for the program you are applying to. It is anticipated that the applicant will have satisfactorily completed PNB 2264 and PNB 2265 (where required), or their equivalents, before the semester of admission. The recommended academic grade for admission in all prerequisites is a B or better.
  3. In some cases, the successful applicant shall have demonstrated an interest in the desired concentration, having completed task-related activities (either paid or volunteer positions). (If desired, students interested who wish to gain hands-on experience may be able to find opportunities at a number of sites, including health clubs, youth teams, the Human Performance Laboratory, and/or the Division of Athletics).
  4. The successful applicant must have a grade point average that is competitive with other students applying during the same semester for the desired concentration.
  5. The Department of Kinesiology strongly encourages minority applicants, and will vigorously recruit such applicants.

What do international students need to know when applying?

Please see the Department of International Services and Programs site.

What is the process for contacting/selecting an advisor?

Prospective students interested in studying with a particular faculty member should contact that faculty member directly. We encourage all students to read research from the particular advisor that they are interested in working with.  Certain areas of research are associated more specifically with each advisor.

The following individuals are most notorious for their work in:

More information on the research areas of these professors is available at our Human Performance Laboratory website.

Where can I find additional information?

More information about the UConn and the program can be found through the following links:

Who should I contact with additional questions?

We encourage you to fully explore the details of each program through this website, read more about the individual professors and their research, and finally contact professors personally to express interest in their program.

How do I apply?

Successful applicants to those programs in Kinesiology generally have completed sufficient credits to be eligible for consideration, have applied by the annual deadline of February 1, have competitive aptitude test scores, have written acceptable essays, and have earned the most competitive grade point averages.

Transfer students, please see the Office of Undergraduate Transfer Admissions

To apply:

  1. Assemble your application materials in electronic format:
    • Contact information for three references
    • Personal statement
    • A resume of not more than two pages
  2. Complete the electronic application at
  3. Mail official transcripts of all non-UConn collegiate work completed to date, in one completed packet, to the Neag School of Education:

    University of Connecticut
    Neag School of Education
    ATTN: EKIN Admissions
    2095 Hillside Rd., Unit 1110
    Storrs, CT 06269-1110

The Admissions Committee will review only completed applications and support materials.

For program guidelines, admissions information session dates and other advising resources, go to the Advising Center.